It’s almost the end of 2019. And looking back this year has left me with some mixed feelings.

2019 did reignite some new interests and also brought clarity on what I like to photograph. I had a great time doing studio portrait shoots. Photo’s turned out great, the clients were very happy with them and it brought back some great memories from my time at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam).

Besides the studio work, I did visit some beautiful places and found that I do love landscape and cityscape photography more than I do street photography. But looking back, I did shot my best landscape/cityscape images in 2018 and shot less than I would have liked.

It is easy not finding time around a busy day job to work on a creative outlet. Post-processing is also slow (ageing MacBook Pro from 2015) and I’m not used to maintaining a website for my photography.

But I do miss shooting beautiful scenes, express my vision and work on creative projects (vs my very data-intensive day job).

So starting 2020 I am going to simplify my workflow. In a technical sense (move to a mobile workflow) but also simplify how I look at photography. Because putting it plainly; the world isn’t interested in yet another photographer, but this photographer is interested in the world.

Vision. Focus. Photography. by Roel Willems